Championship Preview

November 29, 2018

Many moons have passed since last our dulcet tones hath crested your wanton ears.  Jake and Tim return from a month-long hiatus to celebrate (insert DJ Khaled gif here) ANOTHER ONE over the always-enthusiastic cougars of brigham young.  After what feels like several hours of humble-bragging, we drill down on the Utes rematch with the Washington Huskies in this Friday's Pac 12 Championship Game (man, I will never get sick of saying that phrase), before taking you on a journey through the fetid sewers of filth that we call the Viewer Mailbag.  And, since we are trying to be a more responsible and informative podcast from here on out, Jake and I would like to remind you to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 6th. 


ASU Preview 2018

November 1, 2018

Tim and Jake cap off the best month in Utah Football history with a historically mediocre podcasT chock full of lewd references and vague threats.  Marvel at our unnecessary use of the dreaded F word!  Be astounded by our complete lack of decorum!  Stand mouth-agape at our willful disregard for human decency!  And be gobsmacked by another filth-riddled Weekly Mail Bag! 



UCLA Preview 2018

October 24, 2018

7 days with this podcast makes one weak.  21 days without this podcast makes one weaker than Larry Scott's officiating excuses.  The Dastardly Duo are back at long last to celebrate what many people are calling the best month in Utah Football History.  Because people love making ridiculous statements to make themselves sound smart.  Come to think of it, that's pretty much how this podcast started.  Anywho, join on this sordid journey as we break down the how and why of this recent hot streak and turn our steely gaze to the this week's contest versus the Bruins of UCLA.  


Stanford Preview 2018

October 3, 2018

Come jump aboard the Straight Talk Express as Tim and Jake perform a post-mortem examination on, what many experts are calling, potentially the worst Saturday in the history of mankind.  Or don't.  We honestly don't give a shit.  We are just here to bitch about the Utes and make cheap puns and sophmoric references to male anatomoy.  And, quite frankly, if you aren't down with that we got two words for you--BUY MERCH!!!!


Wazzou Preview 2018

September 26, 2018

They call Mike Leach the Pirate of the Poulousse.  And this weekend we are going to see whether Morgan Scalley and the boys AARRGHHH up to the task of shutting down the one of the best passing offenses in the country.   Good God, my life is empty.   


2018 Washington Preview

September 12, 2018

Your swarthy sea captain and his loyal first mate are back to swab the poop deck and navigate the rough seas that was last week's Northern Illinois debacle before getting you worked into a fine lather for this week's showdown with the Huskies of Washington.  

Come for the scorching hot Ute takes, stay for the masturbation euphemisms and assorted tomfoolery.  


2018 NIU Preview

September 5, 2018

Brilliantly obscene?  Obscenely brilliant?  You be the judge!  And, while you are busy judging, navigate your way over to and buy one of our new shirts to hide your flabby manboobs (SHAMELESS PLUG).  Give us 60 minutes, and we will give you an hours worth of bulletproof Ute coverage.  And boner jokes.  So many boner jokes.  


2018 Season Preview

August 25, 2018

Let's see--You could spend the next hour of your life listening to your wife blather on about her day at work and that chubby bitch Denise whom she despises, or you could listen to a couple of bearded scoundrels talk Ute football and make cheap (like, Dollar Store cheap) sex jokes.  The choice is yours.  


PS--Tell your wife to give Denise my number!


2017 Washington Preview

November 16, 2017

On this week's episode, Tim and Jake try and decipher the difference between shit and fucking shit, and exactly which category Utah's offensive line performance from this season would fall under.  Then they have a frank discussion about global warming, before finishing with a debate over which would make for a wetter experience--A night spent inside Husky Stadium or a night spent inside a husky lady!  Stay thirsty, my friends!


Wazzu Preview

November 9, 2017

Can anyone make a reasonable case for continuing Daylight Savings Time?  Like, seriously, why are we still doing this stupid bullshit?  For farmers?  Fuck farmers!  Anywho, join us this week as Tim and Jake run a post mortem on the Migthy Utes mighty asskicking of the Bruins of UCLA.  Then we turn our attentions to this week's contest against Washington State, before inevitably winding up in the rancid sewers of the weekly mailbag.  It's gonna be great.   Or maybe not.  But at least it will be better than listening to your wife tell you about her day at work.